Treatment tables


Our classic since 1996! Ideal for pain patients. The motorised adjustment of the central sections moves the bed gently and provides an infinitely variable pitch inclination. The scissored engineering... VIEW PRODUCT


A perfect blend of quality and performance! Precision-fit friction bearing system for height adjustment. Oval nose aperture with insert, ergonomically formed, to reduce the pressure. Ergonomically... VIEW PRODUCT


A pillar of therapy! The SOLITHERA® is a unique pillar bed with plenty of elegance and charisma. It also delivers quality, safety and immense robustness. VIEW PRODUCT


Elegant and timeless pillar bed Elegant and timeless pillar bed Ideally suited to wellness, relaxation, massages, physiotherapy, lymph drainage and many other treatments. The series-fitted hand... VIEW PRODUCT


Best to look forward to. Our treatment table TAXXO®! Besides a motor designed for height adjustment, the TAXXO® pro universal comes with a second motor to position the pitch angle. Naturally, the... VIEW PRODUCT

TAXXO® flex

Truly special! The therapy bed for expectant mothers or heavyset patients. With two lowerable cushions in the chest and stomach region and a 3-part head section. VIEW PRODUCT

TAXXO® med

Ideal positioning for your patients! This infinitely adjustable therapy bed allows therapists to conveniently reposition the upper body in an upright position. It couldn't be easier! The head and... VIEW PRODUCT

TAXXO® well

Our all-rounder – versatile and flexible! With the three lift motors for ideal height adjustment and patient positioning. Perfect for massages, physiotherapy, lymph drainage, reflexology and many... VIEW PRODUCT


Our clients' favourite! The lower frame with its arched form and extra-slender proportions offers therapists astonishing legroom during treatments. It goes without saying that the THERA® satisfies... VIEW PRODUCT