Comparing of the Medical Training Equipment Series

Gerätelinie GENIUS ECO der Firma FREI AG


  • classical timeless design
  • concentric / eccentric workout
  • compatible with software-based test
    and  workout systems
  • easy operation
  • biomechanical adapted workout
  • safe and controlled movements
  • continuous development of
    equipment features
  • series comprises 22 devices


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Gerätelinie LUXXUM der Firma FREI AG


  • luxury for all senses
  • stylish optical details: chrome,
    white aluminum, paint and metal
  • concentric / eccentric workout
  • compatible with software-based
    test- and training systems optimized
  • safe and controlled movements
  • whisper-quiet workout through
    patented hydraulic weight plate
    damping system
  • series comprises 13 devices

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Gerätelinie FACTUM novus II der Firma FREI AG

FACTUM® novus II

  • combination device: Training of two
    muscle-groups at the same time =
    time- and space-saving
  • hydraulic resistance is separately
    adjustable = unique modern
  • concentric / concentric workout
    compatible with software-based
    test- and training systems
  • safe workout = movements can
    be stopped at all times
  • whisper-quiet, harmonious movements
  • perfect for group- and circuit training
  • series comprises 9 devices

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Frei is a specialist for physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment since 1976. Our manufactory is based in the black Forest in Germany. The Frei philosophy combines design and functionality on the highest level. as a result of producing self-manufactured training equipment, Frei devices represent more than 40 years of experience, knowledge and daily exchange with our clients. Our training equipment supports health, rehabilitation and enables medical training combined with fun and security.

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