Medical training equipment


with software support The Pelvic Trainer is a medical product, designed and developed specifically to strengthen and to improve coordination of the pelvic base musculature, also to treat functional... VIEW PRODUCT

Genius Eco®

Perfect MTT equipment series: physiologically tailored, easy to use, with low weight gradations and 22 devices for all muscle groups. Timeless design and comfortable features. For analysis and training!VIEW PRODUCTS


LUXXUM® is the physical manifestation of our vision for ideal and beautiful training equipment. The design has a calm and clear look. The equipment is uniquely graceful in appearance. The high-quality materials and ergonomic structure are strikingly prominent in the details.VIEW PRODUCTS

FACTUM® novus II

Modern MTT devices for analysis and training: featuring large touch screens, intuitive operation, consistently quiet operation and harmonious movements. Combination devices with hydraulic resistance and a feature to measure maximum strength.VIEW PRODUCTS


The pelvic base trainer is a medical product, designed specifically to strengthen and improve coordination of the pelvic base musculature, also to treat... VIEW PRODUCT